Service & Pricing FAQ

Do you offer a free trial?
Yes! First-time customers living in Oahu may try any device free for up to 2 weeks. (not eligible if the device was shipped by postal mail)
What payment plans are available?

We offer contracts for either a 6-month or 12-month period.

You can pay all-at-once or pay monthly.
When paying all-at-once free month(s) are included in the price. One free month for every 6-month period.

How much does paying all-at-once come to?

$30 / mo

$22 / mo
6 months
(1 month free)
$150 $110
12 months
(2 months free)
$300 $220

For a willfon-M, 6 months is $150, or 12 months is $300.

For a willfon-K, 6 months is $110, or 12 months is $220.

When paying online, the actual price is in Japanese yen. Dollar amounts above show the approximate price after exchange from yen to dollar.

When paying by cash or personal check, the price is in dollars and the amounts shown above are exact.
Can I get the free month(s) when renewing the contract?
What payment methods are accepted?

You can pay by credit card online, or by cash or check at our office.

Please make checks out to WILL HAWAII LLC.

Do you do home visits for installation, pickup, or technical support?

Yes, within Oahu.

Is there an extra fee for renting the device itself?
There is no extra fee for renting the device.
Can I cancel and receive money back?
Yes. If you are an Oahu resident and paid all-at-once, you will receive money back for remaining months.
What do I do with the device at expiration of the contract?
If you wish not to renew the contract you must return the device and peripherals (HDMI cords). You can send it by postal mail or bring it to our office directly.
Are short-term rentals possible?
Yes. Short-term rentals for visitors to Hawaii are handled by our sister office, J Service.
What do I need in order to set up a device in my home?

You will need an internet connection. For best picture quality, your connection should be able to handle speeds of at least 10Mbps. The device can can connect to your router wirelessly, or directly to your modem using an ethernet cable (a short ethernet cable is included in our package).

In the case of K-Type you will also need a TV monitor with an HDMI port.

Order a new device or pay for an existing one